Sino Haijing Holdings Limited (the 'Group’) is a company registered in Cayman Islands and listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 1106). The principle activities of the Group are production and sale of expandable polystyrene (“EPS”) and paper honeycomb packaging products.  

To sustain the momentum in the corporate, the Group is seeking for transit to tourism industry recently. In July 2016, the Group completed the acquisition of Golden Truth Enterprises Limited, which owns Dongxing Pingfeng Rainforest Scenic Spot ( 东兴屏峰雨林景区 ) located at Dongxin County in the southern part of Guangxi Province neighboring Vietnam in the west. Dongxin County covers an area of about 590 sq km, renowned for its natural landscape and scenic beauty. The National Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Grading Assessment Committee has granted the aforesaid scenic spot the status of “4A-Category” scenic spot.

In February 2017, the Group purchased 95% issued share capital of Incola Travel Limited (“Incola Travel”). Incola Travel is a company incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability, which together with its wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, Incola Air Services Limited, are principally engaged in the business of travel agency. The Company believes that the potential for developing high yield travel services and products, such as special interest tours, are the next profitable step to take in light of greater interest among the population in the PRC for overseas exposure. 

In April 2017, the Company acquired 100% equity interest of Arch Partners Holdings Limited (“Arch Partners”). Yalu International Limited (“Yalu International”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arch Partners and is incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability. Yalu International has entered into a long-term aircraft charter contract and the master contractor contract in respect of outbound tourism and hospitality with Beijing Mega Global International Travel Service Co., Ltd (“Mega International”). Mega International is a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and its principal businesses involve domestic traveling, inbound and outbound tourism. 

Currently, the Group has been granted an approval from the local Government in Halong City, Vietnam to invest in a large performance project tentatively titled “Dream Memory - Halong Bay” in Halong City, Vietnam. With strong management team who has solid experience in tourism, entertainment and cultural industries, the Company is optimistic about the prospects of the Group in the future.