The large-scale show "Impression Sanjie Liu"is the core project of the Li River. It expresses the beautiful scenary of the Li-river and the colorfulculture of the local ethnic groups. It took 5 years to complete and it was also world's the first new concept live show setting the natural river and 12 mountains as its background. The theatre is invisible-designed,and uses the echo of the mountain to gain a natural stereophony effect. This colorful and musically glorious extravaganza uses songs, imagery, colorful lighting and costumes, booming music, and local faces, to bring to life the celebrated and moving legend of the Song Fairy, Liu's Third Daughter. It reflects the hamonious atmosphere between human beings and the nature. This show lasts 70 minutes.



Dongxing Pingfeng Rainforest Scenic Spot (東興屏峰雨林景區) is located at Dongxin County in the southern part of Guangxi Province neighboring Vietnam in the west. Dongxin County covers an area of about 590 sq km, renowned for its natural landscape and scenic beauty, and most important of all, longevity of local inhabitants, the National Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Grading Assessment Committee has granted the Subject Asset the status of “4A-Category” scenic spot.



The Group provides operation and management entrustment services related to traditional leisure and healthcare massages in the PRC and is aiming to upgrade to a professional healthcare management institution.



The raised fund of Yong Tai will be used for project - Impression Melaka, developing in Meleka. Impression Melaka will be the 1st world class international life performance outside China, the performance will feature historic legacies during the colonization era along with the local & modern architecture, it is an Endorsedas Entry Point Project (EPP) under the tourism bureau of Malaysia, Yong Tai will have 100% contribution from the ticket sales, the construction period will be from 2016 to 2017 and the projected return expect to contribute from year 2018.



Halong Bay, 150 km from the Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, is a beautiful area and renowned for its natural landscape and scenic beauty. To fully develop tourism resources in Halong City, Vietnam, the Group intends to utilise its local resources and capital to invest in a large performance project tentatively titled “Dream Memory - Halong Bay” in Halong City, Vietnam. The Company as the investor will be responsible for development and operation of the performance project.



We provide excellent integrated packing solutions to our customers that include design,
R&D, testing and manufacturing of packaging products.